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Code Name: Anonymous

I don’t know if its a cliché or not but for me, first impressions count a whole lot. Although, I have to admit, it may be really difficult to pin down my personality at first times glance because I’m just generally a weird child. But if the first time I met you, we shared a joke or made funny faces in the lift or better yet, called me by name in the course of our conversation, that is a good impression of you to me. Don’t be that guy who steals my washing powder in the Laundry or that girl who only greets because I’m with someone she likes. Its bad manners. First impressions count, apart from your real name, its the only chance you get to really make a name for yourself, the one that defines you, your personality and all that you stand for. My geography used to remind us all the time….”what name you want to be remembered by?” Me? I’m still figuring that out….

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