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Rekindling You


I stretched all the way

to the door and

thought I would leave.

My arms held me tight

but I was also reaching out.

From the outside in,

from the inside

roaming in the clouds.

When you look up

and find a clear sky,

does it feel like

you have broken the ceiling?

I’ve had this feeling

like I am leaking,

like the gaping gutters

gathering the seeds.

When you lose a part of you,

it goes elsewhere to grow anew.

A seedling is sprouting

because of you.

Did you know,

you could start a garden

from every part of you,

You give to the wind the wind?

I am saying,

maybe we could transmit our energy

to kindle such wonders.

Wouldn’t you rather believe

that you inspired the earth

To lace together something

as beautiful as you?

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