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To the people from the outside Every time I close my eyes, I am running away from something. Inside my body Between my skin, my marrow and the place I call home. I feel a pain that I cannot escape from no matter how fast I run. Every time I close my eyes my body is bleeding. Tonight I dreamt  that three bullets were shot into the side of my stomach.

First was the shock that paralysed my entire body. Then a gushing of pain that came from every part of my body but the three holes drilled into my stomach. I remember touching the wound to see if I was not dreaming within another dream or perhaps to reclaim my physical being within this dream but my hand came back with stains of red from where my body proved to be most human,  most literal.

I  am  afraid to shut my eyes again. What kind of pressure will i apply on a wound that does not bleed but stings from an intangibly inflicted pain. Where do I go to report this kind of violence.

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