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12:38 conversations on the porch you remember the last time you laughed so hard you cried?

2. my new roommate is quiet, she speaks slowly. i feel like an earthquake in our apartment.

3. most days im uncertain about where i stand with my God, i am uncertain about myself everyday.

4. im really happy right now.

5. the other day i broken down in the bathroom. i cried so hard i couldnt breath.

6. he says “at that moment you were smoking like you thought you needed it”

7. my friends have been sad lately. i dont know how to stop being sad. there should be a definition for such prolonged sadness. how do i tell my mother the sleep does not help, im not that kind of tired.

8. there is a flaw in the concept of fear. fear is stupid. its weak because its just a mental state of being, i can step out of it the moment my imagination comes alive.

9. i am constantly living in the conscious and unconscious worlds. sometimes the line between the two worlds is a blur.

10. my relationship with bin bags and the legendary song ” sista bethina” will never be the same.

11.yesterday the boy from the orbit asked what i was feeling. the boy from the orbit is a wanderer. i like the boy from the orbit

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