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20 Personalities before September

1. The writer in me wants to experience as much life as I can before I turn 21. 2. The 19year old in me wants to fuck shit up. 3.  I was lying when I said I draw for fun.  Most times my hands are shaking the entire time. 4.  On weekends, i am a full time genius and I want the whole world to know my name. 5. My dreadlocks have 21 personalities of their own. 6. I get high on the roof top, eat cheese curls and talk about how the buildings in the city look like legos. 7.  When i hear jazz music, it feels like the music notes are crawling up the marrow in my spine and for a moment i feel like the instrument itself. 8.  Today,  i sang “elastic heart” by Sia out loud in a lift full of business men. 9. I got baptised. 10. The smell of hospitals makes my entire face numb.  11.I want to get a nose piercing. 12. Sometimes I’m frightened by the possibility of never becoming who I want to be. 13.  Paulo Coelho is my favourite author. 14. I bite my nails or my bottom lip when I’m trying to concentrate. 15.  I still daydream of living in Germany and speaking fluent German. 16.  I’m scared of babies, how they they just stare at you with that “i know all your secrets so you might as well confess” look. 17. I lost my wallet. I’ve had it for 7 years. 18. The poet and asshole in me wants to fall in love just to write the perfect love poem.  19. I’m running out of sleeping pills. 20. The feeling of the sun on my skin is my favourite thing in the morning.

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