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Whats your story? Tell me your story? The “What makes you want to wake up in the morning” kind of story.

The first thing that comes to my head when I wake up is “what am I going to write about today?”. I ask God to help me pay attention. Yes, I think I’m an undiscovered Attention Deficiency Disorder patient. But I look for signs. Things that have always been in front of me but I try notice how they have grown or changed since the previous day. My mind jumps around. I am typing this word now and I have already imagined the many trees that had to be cut down just so I could learn how to write. 20 feet tall by Eryka Badu is playing in the background, I am counting the number of buttons on the keyboard. Space bar,shift,enter and backspace are heightening my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder at the same time. Yes, I think I’m an undiscovered patient of that too. Later, I want to check what the word “Prohibited” really means”.

This is my day. My normal day. I enjoy reading. Not just books but everything else around me. Today in class the lecturer called Sol Plaaitjie uneducated because he left school at an early age. Do things like that also offend you? Being educated cannot be my grandmother teaching me how to make watermelon jam from scratch from our kitchen in the village? I spend the day worrying about such sad indoctrination.The toxic thoughts are we inducing each day? My addictions? My mind is a gallery of images I see and create every day that my eyes are open. And by open i mean “even when i am asleep” open. I am always conscious of this, the angles,the composition, the juxtaposition, the colour, the definition, the subtext, the rhythm, the tone…I could go on and on and on till I’m not here with you anymore. But i am choosing to stay, right now, I am allowing you inside my head. You can make anything of the house I have built in here. Have a seat in front of the portrait and discuss its significance to modern society or its contribution to the being alive movement. I don’t mind, it’s really why I write in the first place. I fully understand what it means to liberate others just by emancipating my own thoughts.

So tell me your story, leave it written against the walls, or slip a note under the carpet. something. anything. What are you addicted to? What does it look like in there? Tell me why you do what you do every day. Do you think you will ever reach a point where you want to stop?

Prohibit: (v) formally forbid (something) by law, rule, or other authority. (of a fact or situation) prevent (something); make impossible.

Sorry, I couldn’t wait… But consider the idea of being prohibited… Similar words are: forbid, ban, bar, interdict, proscribe, make illegal, embargo, outlaw, disallow, veto, prevent, rule out, stop and make impossible.

Consider the exchange that is happening right now…

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