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And time management is ugly.

Its that time of the year where university students are either losing weight or gaining in because of exam stress. So with that being said, I feel entitled to a little complaining about my life and how I’m barely holding on. Barely. And besides, I’m a young adult with a lot to say so why not go on a total tangent on how life is so difficult at this particular point in life.

Personally, and on behalf of my stressed out self, I think University is a test in life of how much you can take until you crash and the even after you crash, it’s a test on how much you can furthermore take after you’ve given in. I’m at that point where I’m forgetting tom eat because there is so much on my mind that feeding my stomach with food is the last thing on my mind. I guess it’s either you come out alive or just by your last breath because flunking or dropping put is not an option at all.

I’m currently waiting for the moment when my body just gives in and refuses to get me out of bed.

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