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I envy you. How assertively you speak. The intention in your walk.

How certain you are of everything. Who showed you how to look at the world like that?

I walk around like I know where I am going. I work hard like I know what I’m doing.

Speak like the words are manifestations from the future. But I know nothing of tomorrow.

Only that I live constantly in projections of it in my head.

I know that this moment right now is certain. But even that is a contradiction in itself, because the present moment is always in motion. Continuously travelling.

You who boasts of tomorrows gain, how strongly anchored are your feet to the ground?

Moving, the ground is shaking, your heart is beating, blinking. Catch a breath.

You are looking at a screen, reading.

I am somewhere in my room, trying t remember how to breath.

I am not sure of anything but the Love of Christ.

I will not speak of anything proudly, except His glory.

This one thing I am certain of.

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