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Conforming Non-conformist.

Tonight, try to be human.

go to sleep early,

infact, fall asleep on the couch and

dream a beautiful dream

allow yourself to believe in that world in your fantasy.

in the morning

wake up long after the sun has risen

dont do that thing where you want to gather yourself before the day begins.

just do human

dont over think any thing

you will get tired before your day has actually begun.

maybe try to speak to your neighbour about the weather or something ordinary

try not to sound so serious about life.

make a stupid joke and laugh at it like your life depended on it.

and dont feel like an idiot afterwards.

just try to be normal.

dont return the gaze when someone stares at you in the lift.

smile awkwardly, as expected, and say hello.

dont ask them why they are here, or if they achieved their goal for the day

they will give you that “that weird girl who is obsessed with whatever it is that is driving her crazy” look

just smile back awkwardly after they say hello back

and do the ritualistic stare at the cieling of the elevator until it gets to your floor.

do not leave them wondering  with your usual cynical existentialistic comments about life

just say ” okay bye”.

and go do human again

go be normal again.

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