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“Dont stare, you’re being weird”

John Legend - Love In The Future

Moments when you stare. When you can’t help but stare. Can’t help but let him stare back at you. And you speak. Speak but not with your mouth. Your lips do not move except slightly curve up and you smile.

But you are still staring at him. You don’t know why. Why your mind goes blank and words make no sense. So you stare. For a second nothing else makes sense. The rest of the world is dumbed down and your eyes are making the loudest noise. Laughing and saying silly things, talking about theories that inspire your existence. All this in the silence of the world.

It’s beautiful isn’t it, those subtle moments of perfection? How they past by so quickly yet become the only thing you remember. How they make you forget everything wrong about yourself. How the words “fix me” seize to exist because something has already erased them anyway.

Afraid to say the wrong thing so we stare and say it from the inside and hope that the light in you will seep through. How stupid you feel afterwards, having not said what you wanted to say.  Knowing you said it all only with your eyes. Then not knowing if he read all of it and knew exactly what you wanted to say. How nervous you feel just thinking about this.

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