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Early morning decisions

I can’t clearly recall where and who said this but I thought it was something worth remembering, and I may be paraphrasing but It still gets the point across quiet well i think. They said that writing is a muscle and as writers, we need to exercise the muscle everyday in order to eventually become a good writer. So here I am. 🙂

Today was a beautiful day. The sun was not shinning as bright as it usually does on supposedly “better days”, but I can still feel nature smiling back at me. I think its a mindset thing though. We are often so busy with life and our daily routines that we forget to take a moment to appreciate the little things that the world has to offer. For a large part of our lives, we spend it trying to get things done and move on to the next task without getting distracted, and I totally agree with that way of thinking, but often a few distractions are what actually need the most to get re-inspired again. And what better way to do that than to take a moment and breath in all the beauty of this world. Its a small thing that can change a large part of your day and eventually your life, hopefully.

Maybe what I’m trying to say is that, today I woke up and I chose to look at life differently from the way I have been looking it and that made a huge difference to how I’m feeling at the end of the day. So all in all, chose to be happy everyday and it will eventually become a habit.

A very good habit to have, if I may add.

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