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I Am Also Afraid Of The Dark

1.  You are not the first one to speak of the dark as a living thing.  Some have felt it breathe against their skins,  heard it speak as if from within and they too have moved between it’s cracks.  You are not paranoid, there are living if not dead spirits clinging on to the hinges. The doors stand there,  paralysed,  as if to say  “I too do not know the way out”.  There are songs humming from under the carpet afraid to come out from the closet, there could be worser things to fear than being exposed.  You are not the first to speak of this fear  You are still human.  Still light.

2.  You have been inside rooms big enough to fit all your insecurities.  And yet still you leave them untainted.  You leave quietly.  Without rubbing any of your ugly off on the furniture.

3.  Pick your head up.  Gently brace your knees and place your weight evenly on your feet.  Relax your shoulders and let your head hang effortlessly without straining your neck.  Now breathe with honesty.

4.  The floor in your room is rotting. Beneath it are abandoned dreams decaying, spoiling the bit of confidence you walk with.

5. The neighbours do not know your name.  They do not know your pain.  So you do not owe them anything.

6. The walls are staring at you.  They are obsessed with how you fade so calmly.  Maybe if you smiled more often the walls would  become uncomfortable with your disappearing.

7. There has been an empty book on your desk for 2days now.  You are writing your suicide note without even realising it.

8. You are not the creased blanket on your bed, you are not the bed either.  There is a more comforting image of home than the one you have created for yourself.  You are distorting your happiness.

9.  There  is a knot inside your chest tying your breathes together.  And sometimes they untie themselves much too slowly to keep breathing. To keep living, you are suffocating.

10.  You are fire.  You are burning your ugly.

11.  Sometimes you are running  away while stitting in your room.

12. I am also afraid of the dark.

13. I am also afraid of the dark.

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