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Imagining the Soul

The lunch hour concert this week on campus was one that greatly inspired me.It was a collaboration between pianist Thabo Matsime (IG: @thabomatsime) and fine artist Boipelo Khunou (IG: @candidserendipity) in Soul Imaginations Improvised Performance. The energy was out of this world and please take that as literally as possible. Words started to pop in my head as i got inspired by the music and I had to write, i had to improvise. I think its such a special thing to see when different art forms come together. I didn’t understand most of what i was writing but, at the end, i reckon, it came together beautifully.

Please follow the link to view a short video of the performance.


The sky is a beautiful canvas don’t you think? How we paint the colour of our dreams on it every day. How we tell it our deepest secrets, the most urgent of our desires.

Today, I painted the colour of my grandmother’s wrinkled skin. How it folds like the waves of the ocean. The feel of it, running through archaic bible scriptures with your fingers. Tell my grandmother that the sky is big enough to hold all of the conversations she has with the spirit of her lover. Tell her his name is written in the sky like a tapestry, a permanent calligraphy that was written from the heavens. Imagine, the sky is the bearer of all this beauty. How it must feel to be the container of such dreams. How we grab from the jar and proceed to tell it another story. Visit another memory.

I remembered the sound of clinging coins. One rand coins I used to collect as a child. The silhouette and foreignness of them fascinated me. How they made me so happy, like in my hand I clutched the most precious of treasures. How it always was about the fascination of such light. How it never was about the money. Tell me the sky knows the feeling of possessing something and having to call it your own. That knowing alone is necessary.

soul imagination image

Messages from within

The people from the inside say, Your soul is a master of a piece. They have told me to tell you that you are of the light.  Brushstrokes that radiate life. Say hello to the sunshine. Let it consume every part of you. Feel it coming from the top of your head to the tiny hairs on your back.

They know that you are of a different kind. Do not be afraid to show that you are a creature that knows how to fly even during the storm. Spread your wings wide.  Walk outside of the line.  Speak the language of your heart. Meditate sometime.  Meet the people that live inside your chest.  They are guardians who have been waiting for your supernova. Living in the dark for such long a time,  one must not forget to teach the spirit to step into the light some time.

They said to tell you that you are the mountains peak,  where the light was birthed. An orchestra of super nature,  come step into the light.  You do not belong on  that side.  They question the nature of your tongue that side,  rumors about your birth are lingering between their teeth,  spit that darkness out.  You are of light.

soul imagination image  2


Lover,  where have you been all this time.There is an empty room beside my heart,  echoing  of your laughter. Where are you.I sit and wonder,  if you are happy now.  If your heart beats in tune with hers.If you wipe her tears when she cries. Days on end i spend thinking of your having never left. its tiring now. its draining you know?

Lover,  I am going to change the wall colour in the room that is swallowing all my happiness away.  It is too dark in there,  perhaps a colour alike to that of the sunlight  will do. One that does not remind me constantly of  your going away.  One that does not want me to need you to have stayed.  I am choosing a colour for a mending heart.   

I am going to move in some new furniture,  something’s that says you can sit,  and you can stay here forever,  in fact fall asleep on the couch. one of those  “get comfortable” type of couches. Do not be frightened  when you do not recognize the room anymore,  we are under renovation to remove the ugly, unloving past and we are moving in the possibility of a new unsung song.

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