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Silenced and Censored

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Hanging: The voices of the silenced and censored. -Zizipho Bam

The people with the loud speaker want to represent us. They want to stand for us but nobody wants to call 911 when the dead seven crash. Headlines at the bottom of the screen?

“Seven crash dead from the dead. ”

University statement notes :We are not only academic,  we have art night’s, sports day etc…  So after all studying is done,  we can get together and be social.”

Black women are deemed a “ruined” war to trail.

She’s too black, confident and independent.

Could they take a wife that radical?

Thanks but no thanks comrades.

Some walls are a bit too high to climb.

You rattle us up and we cry, we die and we become the sound silence makes.

Complaints of sexual harassment laid.

It’s important that if one of us must be seen to be under attack.  Uplift where uplifting is needed.

Stories and photos by the university need to create awareness and help for the health centre and disability.

ENCA interview rattles SRC,  President mourns.

R16-billion is set for SRC president,  still no-one calls.

Headlines at the bottom of the screen?

” Complaints laid against Fuck White Fragile comments. “

When nobody calls 911,  the vice chancellor and other executives play no role in deciding the score.

When Limpopo calls 911,  seven die.

R16-billion set for fees goes into someone’s personal account again.

A further billion for National Student Financial Aid Scheme goes missing.

Catholic association reaches out to the dead orphans.

The out reach programme is not only for  Catholics but for Wits students.

Not only for Catholics but for Cape town.

Not only for Catholics but for Limpopo  and the mourning families.

Not only for Catholics but for the coming revolution.

The news on the 26th of February  2016  are about a slice of life for presidency and African textures with comments like “I tried to use plenty of products,  from Amla oil, Indian Roseberry  and even food. “

In other words in the interview all she wanted to say was “other than being a sell-out,  everything is good.”

The look on my face references an African proverb – “Fuck White Privilege”

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