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Mid-night Lonesome

Read this when silence wants to crawl under your skin.

When there are echoes beneath your tongue.

Believe this when they have all gone home.

They lied to you when they said to you, “you are alone now”.

Do not believe them.                                        

They are afraid of the voices inside their head.

You are not alone.

You and I are having a conversation right now.

What do they mean there is nobody else around?

Look,the walls are standing up for themselves for the first time today.

The door frame is swinging its tongue frantically.

The furniture is like “hey, come sit with us”.

Peel yourself off from the silence.

Align yourself with the energy inside.

Remember to open yourself up to the possibility of meeting your soul mates.

Step into the light.

We have been waiting for you all this time.

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