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Juice Box Judy in full effect: Presenting Natalie Paneng

Johannesburg is the city of lights and gold. The streets of Braamfontein, Maboneng and Melville are home to some of South Africa’s most eloquent creatives. Their choice of style oozes confidence and self-affirmation. There are those who attempt to translate visuals from a simple thought to reality, and those who actually achieve it. Natalie Paneng, is undoubtedly an achiever. With visual imagery all on a path of its own, she dominates the sphere of aesthetics in her own right. Juice Box Judy or Hello Nice, as you might recognize her from the internet.

“I have multiple pseudonyms. I take on different characters all the time.” This explains the origins of Juice Box Judy and Hello Nice. Persona’s that Natalie has crafted to express specific parts of her artistry. She does not limit herself to a singular form of expression with these two characters, being the first she created…

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