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Navy skirts, blue shirts and mistakes.

So i came across an image of my High school Leadership induction. And then all the memories just came flooding back. I went to an all girls school in Pietermaritzburg, Russell Girls High. I think high school is the best platform for growing, i did a lot of growing in those halls. I remember my first day so clearly, only because i dreaded every moment of it. But back then i was still stuck on the fact that we were all girls and that girls are too emotional and fussy, i was still a girl myself. But as the years progressed through the years, i got to learn so much about myself and life as a whole. From my own mistakes, experiments and experiences but also from my peers as well. Russell High taught me how to treat myself as a lady in order to get back the same respect. At first it seemed unnecessary, i didn’t see why i had to walk,stand or speak in a specific way. But later on i understood. Its part of having manners for yourself and the etiquette for becoming a young lady. So i learned. And actually I’m still learning.

I wont say i got things all figured out and i’m never going to make mistakes because i know. It’s inevitable, it will happen. But heres the thing, now i know what to do and how to go about learning from my mistakes. It gives you such ease knowing that. And the fact that I am able to even look back and recognise that there are things to learn from means that hey, theres progress here, some growing up going on here. It feels good. I love this feeling.

But for now, im still living, still making mistakes and forever, i will be learning.

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