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Number 22: The lost love letter.

Don’t tell me to be strong. Don’t tell me to move on. Don’t  use your big words to make me doubt myself . Don’t tell me to smile often. Don’t  tell me to improve myself. Don’t  tell me how to fall in love again. Don’t tell me to laugh in your chest. Don’t  tell me I’m too hard on myself. Don’t tell me I need to talk about things. Don’t tell me to stop thinking. Don’t tell me what to think. Don’t tell me how to show my silence. Don’t tell me how to fight. Don’t tell me what music to listen to. Don’t try to get inside my head. Don’t talk about me like I’m not here. Don’t eavesdrop on the thoughts that slip out of my head. Don’t stand on my dress. Don’t push me to the edge. Don’t love me like you are paying a debt. Don’t look at me like I don’t belong to myself. Don’t lie to me and then smile at yourself. Don’t call and ask me where I am. Don’t tell me its not safe. Don’t linger at my place and think you will make me a home. Don’t hug me like I belong to you alone. Don’t swallow your words when you are angry at me the most. Don’t tell me how to hate you. Don’t apologize when I am wrong. Don’t say my name like it is your last hope. Don’t  tell me what to do. Don’t tell me how to be myself around you. Don’t write about me when I am there. Don’t mess with my friends. Don’t misinterpret my words when you have fractured your backbone. Don’t ask to hold my hand when you know I need more than that. Don’t stop talking to me because I am quiet. Don’t tell me its going to be okay. Don’t tell me to stop crying. Don’t say sorry when you were too late.

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