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On growing : Age Is just a metaphor.

I don’t know if you would call this blowing my own horn, but i feel i should express this feeling because hey, i can, i’m allowed to.

I love how much i’m growing in my writing. For me, poetry has always been a very personal thing, i usually joke and say that my poetry is very selfish because i write about myself most of the time, but its true. Although everything i write is centered around my life and always has, i still am growing either way. I feel like, I’m more ”philosophical” about life you know, not in a ridiculing way though, but I appreciate life more and the little moments in between.I never knew how interestingly fun those 2 minutes in a lift could be until i really started looking, listening and actually appreciating that small awkward moment by allowing it to happen, because trust me, one way or another it will happen so let it be!!! #SetTheAwkwardMomentFree. I don’t know if one is actually supposed to pin point the process of growing up while its happening or maybe that’s exhibit A of growing, anyway i’m enjoying it so i think i have licence to comment on it.

I have more to write about now because i’m in a new place, space, and time zone. I think slamming is what opened my eyes more to this whole ”growing” that is taking place.Being put under pressure has a way of bringing out the gritty and passionate side of me. I’ve always been very comfortable with my pace and style of writing, but now that i’ve started slamming, its a whole new experience . And i love it. Mostly what is comforting about it is the mindset it puts me in.Its a competition but its not intimidating but rather I appreciate the artistry and the urgency that is released on stage. There’s always something new to learn to better yourself as an artist and what’s more important, i feel, is not only going on stage to tell your story, but to learn as well. I know the phrase ”Practice makes perfect” is always shoved down our throats and its getting old now but it works, its a fact.

So,I’ve been trying to shy away from selfish writing, you know, as part of trying explore different worlds that i never allow myself to.  That is the mission. Because essentially, time is to slow to wait for the next year in order for you to develop and improve yourself. Hey now, i’m about to get philosophical up in here. #AgeIsJustAMetaphor

BOOM!!!!! I just did 😀 🙂

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