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Questionnaire for the confused

What makes you want to wake up in the morning? What stops you from just turning over on your bed and continue sleeping? What are you addicted to? Do you sometimes wish you could change the way you think? If you had to leave this world and comeback as someone else, who would you come back as? Would you even come back? Would you even leave? Do you think your lover would still recognise your spirit? Do you sometimes find it hard to be honest to yourself? How many lies do you tell yourself every morning? How do you remember to become your entire clan in every space you enter? Do you sometimes forget your skin when you are around people of your mind? Do you think it’s rude not to do what your body feels like doing? Have you thought about a new way to saw off the chains around your neck, around your mouth, around your hands, arounds your ankles? How fast do you think you can run when you are leaving everything you love behind? Would you even run in the first place, would you also stay and die on the land you love? Where is your home? Who calls you daughter and son? Where have you misplaced your smile? Do you ever wonder if God also doesn’t know when Judgement day is? When you pray, do you pray for your heart? Do you pray for the person you used to be? Do you pray for your skin? How many times have you gone to class and come back feeling like you are doing your craft an injustice? How much value do you place in getting that piece of paper?                                                      Are you still thinking about thinking about your addiction? How many of these questions have already answered themselves?

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