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We are all looking for some place to belong.  Looking for people to call our own.  Looking for chests to lay on. We’re  all here to find that place that reminds us of home.  That builds us a new home.  That becomes home.  We’re looking for those arms to crawl into,  to fall onto, break and mend under.We’re looking for that familiar place.  The one that looks like the inside of our chests.  That laughs in the same language as we do. That falls head over heels and still manages to utter words like ” strong” and “happy” without loosing balance.  We’re looking for that equilibrium.For that familiar smile. For that silence that means everything. We’re looking for love. Inside books,  Inside cigarettes,  Inside bags and wallets,  Inside foreign languages,  Inside melanin,  Inside cellphones. We’re looking for the place to rest.  The place to lay our bones.  The place to die on our own.

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