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The first stitch

So i have been procrastinating enough! last night i came across a blog that really caught my eye and i realised it was of a friend of mines and i was so excited i decided as soon as i get time, i will FINALLY start my blog. THIS IS IT. THE FIRST STITCH.

I am sewing a lifetimes worth of memories and hopefully by the grace of God, achievements as well. The first stitch is always the hardest and undoubtedly the most important. So this is me learning to sew together a quilt of possibilities. I’m hoping, in fact, I PLEDGE to put time into developing my blog and never, and never again, will i procrastinate, especially never towards my new baby!!!! This is the start of my long talks about Awkward moments,hands,words and numbers, wild thoughts and pilgrimages and any other weird thing that happens in my life journey.


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