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The number 3

So i have been asked why the number 3 in my name. Well why not?? 😀

Ok on the real though. there are 3 things that define who Zizipho is.

My family, Im the last of 3 siblings. I have a sister who’s just 2 years older than me, she’s super cool,inspires me in ways i don’t understand sometimes. I’l tell you more about her later on though. And my older brother, a rather peculiar character, but we have a relationship that nobody else understands but us, it’s awesome, exclusive you know :). I love my family, they complete my in a way that is very blunt and sometimes really  Then there was Poetry, my first love!! I think its crazy how you never realise you’ve fallen in love until that thing or person gets taken away from you or you see someone else with it. Thats how i fell in love with Poetry, only after i was introduced to poetry sessions did i actually realise that there are other people that have my special thing, it felt good man, that feeling of oneness. I like that. I would literally stop writing if it stopped giving me that feeling, completion.And then last but definitely, not lest, my relationship with God. I don’t think its necessary to specify that I’m a Christian, only that I’m a child of God. I don’t remember the day i got saved clearly, i was quite young, but i remember the day God started to talk to me and i started to listen. That counts more than anything to me. I love how I’m still learning, it interesting, the things i get to know about God, He’s a cool guy, i promise, you should try getting to know Him if you haven’t or meet His Son :D. You wont be disappointed. *winks*

There are still many more numbers that make me who I am. But these three will never change, so i engrave it on my name.:) You should try this, what are the three most important things to you, things that if were taken away from you, you would be incomplete.

1..2..3.. GO!!!

P.S See what i did there 🙂 1.2.3?…..Yea:) I know, I know!!!

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