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Untamed thoughts : “I am the way, the TRUTH and the life”.”

I remember a year ago, my friend and I, Lungile, had a very heartfelt conversation about what our purpose is on earth. I remember specifically how she replied impulsively to the question ” To make people happy'” she said without hesitation. Having just discovered the uselessness of material things, I was delighted that her answer had nothing to do with material things. This question has always baffled me, sometimes to the point where I am confused and lost in the mist about what really is real and is the truth in life, then at least when we find that, we can live for it, well at least I can live for it.

Luckily, I have the answer now and I cannot wait till someone to ask me this question.

What is my purpose on earth?

I am here for one thing and one thing and one thing alone. For the Glory of my King.

Its so comforting to know that there is a truth that will never change, its a beautiful thing to know and to hold on to.  Everything else on earth is uncertain, I am the first to testify on that one. My God is the only thing that remains real and clear, so it only makes sense to live for Him. All the rest of the things I might need He will provide for me and I will be satisfied. I cannot emphasise how much joy it brings to my heart to know that God will always be there, even if I decide to change my mind or the world takes a 360 turn, He will still be there waiting for me.

So my only duty is to glorify Him in everything I do. Which is really not a hassle, by all means I can do that.If the simplest task of me being alive is a form of glorifying Him then I could do this all my life really. I can glorify Him by smiling at a stranger, greeting my mom in the morning, cheering a friend up, doing my homework and my favourite one, by studying!!!! Like all students, I get tired of studying at some point, but when you do it with joy in your heart because you are doing it for your Father, then studying will be as fun as a stroll on the beach. Fun times.. 🙂

That’s my truth and I’m sticking to it FOREVER more.:D 😀

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