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Joy is a state of being,begin to be in it

Detach yourself from fear, from here on listen to all that the universe is saying to you, blissful whispers that journey everyday to serve their purpose.

Suppose melancholy is as embodied within us as the essence of joy. It is fact, it is reality it is being. Life is more than living it is harnessing, nurturing the life we are capable of saving of creating and carrying.We are bearers of matter, we are filters of spirit and we are  containers of joy.

Don’t doubt it, or disregard it, you are it. You are mother to child,you are hands to art, you are fist in the air and beauty to life. You are it. And it is joy, it is courage, faith, soul, instinct and pride. All that greatness is you. Joy is a state of being.


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