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A haiku a day, keeps the writers block away.

A lot can be said in just a few words and so can a lot of words say everything.As a poet and a lover of writing, i sometimes find it difficult to believe the few words philosophy. I love to write, therefore, i write a lot. Words are everything to me

In my Acting class last week, we were given the task of writing a haiku. A haiku is a Japanese poem which consists of 5 syllables in the first and last line and then 7 in the middle one, the whole poem is 3 lines….imagine, the horror and shock on my face after that explanation……..So basically the aim of the task is to say as much as you can in as little syllables as possible.  The story in the poem was a summary of the plays we were doing. It took me an entire hour to get my first Haiku down, and yes, we could say that it does need a few editing, but it was a first attempt so maybe I’m excused a little.

I must admit though, it was a good challenging task and as usual, i start with the writing tasks we get, i started writing my own Haikus, they may not have much of a storyline or anything, but they’re still Haikus at the end of the day so, yes please.

Haiku for a lover

I know where love lives

Sometimes he stays in my heart

Sometimes in these words.

Haiku for your eyes

You should be happier

This world smiles at you everyday

But you  just look away.

Haiku from heaven

You of little faith

You have God living in you

You can shake mountains!

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